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Caligen's specialist manufacturing processes

Caligen has two polyurethane foam manufacturing plants, which produce polyester and polyether foam in standard length, round blocks and 60m rectangular block form.

We offer both loop slitting and round block peeling facilities and can convert in roll, block sheet, precision cut part and composite form.

Loop Slitting

Caligen has three 60 metre, computer controlled Baumer Loop Slitters for volume production, which convert foam into continuous rolls ranging from 1.5mm to 100mm in thickness

Peeling (Round Block)

Our round block peeling facilities are ideal for producing smaller quantities in various grades. These offer the advantage of creating more metres between the foam joins; a critical feature for headliner manufacturers and expensive seating fabrics. Caligen also have the capability of converting high density / hardness materials such as Rebond.


Various composites can be produced using methods such as flame lamination and adhesive lamination. We also have a wide choice of self-adhesives and face materials which can be combined to suit each customer's specification.

>> Visit the Rossendale Combining site for more details.

Multislitter and Spooler

Specialist equipment has been developed to supply material in both straight wound rolls, or in longer spool wound lengths to avoid snagging and tape breakages. Spool configurations can be custom-designed to your specific needs and hold up to 35,000 linear metres.